About us

Corporate overview

ItoM is a design service & IP provider focused on IC & system developments for RF transceivers and broadcast tuners.

ItoM has silicon proven system IP currently in production by our customers and offers complete transceiver & tuner designs as well as various valuable IP blocks.

Company background

In the 1990’s, ItoM designed the first AM and FM Hi-Fi stereo radios in the world without external components, using standard BiCMOS IC technology. Having an extensive set of IP’s like LNAs, oscillators, mixers, AGCs, stereo decoders, etc. and experience in areas like harmonic distortion cancellation, mirror suppression, noise blanking (e.g. Integration of large time constants patent), ItoM has managed to enable its customers to supply these unique transceivers to their customers. These products gave a great return of investment to the IC manufacturers and ease of implementation to the set makers. Since 2006 our designs are fabricated in 55nm RF CMOS technology. These designs achieve an even higher level of integration than the earlier generations of chips.

Product portfolio

ItoM’s unique position in transceiver design

Modern transceivers are ItoM’s core area of expertise. ItoM can make this expertise available to its customers in fully integrated designs or in core IP blocks. Today, ItoM is active in transceivers for the Internet of Things (IoT) and in next generation broadcast receivers. These activities build upon ItoM’s pioneering designs for radio and television receivers and mobile phone transceivers.