Inventors in semiconductor systems

ItoM is an inventor company for all sort of transceiver systems.
Present day transceivers consist of a front end, where the signals are handled in an analog way. In dedicated AD converters the signals are digitized, and transferred to the operational unit, that is an ItoM special core, consisting of a DSP-like microprocessor. There the needed functionality is created with the ItoM proprietary embedded software, where finally the DA converter brings the needed signal out of the chip.

ItoM has invented various LNAs, mixers, filters, decoders, amplifiers, transmitters, specific controllers, microprocessors and its operating systems and compilers.

Furthermore we have developed our own design systems, software receiver emulators, environment emulators, silicon compilers and design control accelerators.

Breakthrough designs

Our R&D prime focus is on inventing new and breakthrough designs for the RF transceiver and broadcast tuner markets in particular with a view to obtain IC designs that are very compact, versatile and low-power. Compactness has been achieved by inventing new circuits for filters, oscillators and resonance amplifiers. Combining these new circuits makes it possible to design ICs monolytically integrating complete RF receiving systems in silicon that do not require any external components while achieving or even outperforming the specifications of conventional solutions.

An Example

A good example is our design of a single chip transceiver in 55nm CMOS for FM stereo, Hi-Fi radio. The part has no external components, has a sensitivity of – 3 dB\μV, a unique figure for portable radio, that will be improved with an additional 10 dB applying our new K-Tec technology.

The founders

Dr. Peter Langendam

Peter Langendam is an atomic and molecular physicist with an industrial experience in micro-electronics, telecommunication and information technology. He founded more than 10 companies and retired from Semiconductor Ideas to the Market (ItoM) on April 1, 2015.

Dr. Dieter Kasperkovitz (†)

Dieter Kasperkovitz got his Ph.D. in Theoretical (Nuclear) Physics in Vienna, Austria. Before starting his industrial career he was engaged in a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Solid State Physics at the University of Cologne, Germany. He started his work at Philips Research in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He is author or co-author of more than 40 papers and generated more than 100 inventions, on which patents have been granted.

Harm van Rumpt

Harm van Rumpt got his Masters Degree in Electronics (Communication) in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.
He started his career at Philips Research in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, He developed and designed a single-chip, monolithic FM receiver based on a frequency locked loop principle. A single-chip Pager receiver based on FSK data receiver. He designed special circuitry for high frequency Oscillators and Integrated Frequency doubling circuits. Harm designed VCOs for early mobile telephone systems.
He became VP Research and Development for Tulip Computers. In 1998, he co-founded ItoM. Harm van Rumpt is CEO of ItoM.

Harry Schoonheijm

Harry Schoonheijm got his MSc. degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Digital Telecommunication at the Eindhoven Technical University, The Netherlands.
He started his career at Philips Patent Department where he gained in-depth working experience within the area of television, radio and audio systems and circuitry in drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications, in providing patent infringement clearances and patent validity analysis, in advising Philips R&D how to maximize freedom for product development at minimum costs, in evaluating patent portfolios of Philips and third parties.
He coordinated and managed several Philips licensing programmes, such as I2C and MPEG Audio with increasing involvement in other licensing activities.
Harry is patent attorney and legal counsel of ItoM.