Management & Directors

Harm van Rumpt

CEO & Co-Founder

• 39 years RF experience
• 19 years at ItoM
• MSc in Electronics Engineering
• System architect RF Analog
• Extensive list of breakthrough silicon on automotive radio, RF transceivers, AM, FM, DAB, AMPS/PACS, analog & digital TV

Jeroen Langendam

VP Marketing & Business Development

• 20 years of experience
• 10 years at ItoM
• MSc in Business Economics
• Business development specialist in wireless connectivity and broadcast tuners

Edwin Veldman

Managing Partner

• 21 years experience, 2 years at ItoM
• B in Telecommunications
• Experienced Management Team member leading multiple semiconductor design companies

Kees van Nieuwburg

Director Digital Design

• 13 years at ItoM
• B in Electrical Engineering
• Digital system engineer specialized in CMOS receivers, transceivers and low-power high-performance CMOS PLLs, de-modulators