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Although it is still Summer, the Benelux RF Conference is approaching and we would like to invite you to come join us and take this opportunity to discuss ItoM’s latest developments during this event. It is being held at the NovioTechCampus in Nijmegen on November 28th.

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Aug. 7, 2018

ItoM is pround to announce that two of its founders, Harm van Rumpt and Dieter Kasperkovitz, got recognition in the Chip Hall of Fame by IEEE Spectrum.

Harm and Dieter got this recognition for the development of the Philips TDA7000 FM Receiver. This chip put a radio into countless consumer products.

Please find the article here in full.

The radio stars_IEEE Spectrum Chip Hall of Fame - Publication TDA7000
Mar. 6, 2018

ItoM launches new medical venture dedicated to the development of wearable biometric solutions

ItoM Medical is helping device manufacturers take advantage of electronic advances to bring wearable, medical grade, biometric diagnostic and monitoring solutions to market

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, March 6, 2018 – Semiconductor Ideas to the Market (ItoM) B.V. today announced the launch of a sister company, ItoM Medical. This new venture, dedicated to the development of wearable biometric solutions for medical technology companies, is a result of the last five years of effort in designing electronic systems and signal processing algorithms for electrophysiological diagnostic and monitoring systems (electrocardiography, electroencephalography, electromyography, respiratory, etc.) that deliver medical-grade accuracy.

“While we have seen a significant increase in sports wearables over the last few years, the gold standard from a clinician’s perspective has remained bulky trolley-based hospital equipment. By understanding the needs of clinicians and being able to translate those needs into system requirements and complete designs, we are helping our customers bring forward medical-grade wearables for a host of applications. Devices that provide the accuracy demanded by clinicians but also open up new diagnostic opportunities and make it less stressful on patients”, commented Jurryt Vellinga, CEO of ItoM Medical.

It is exactly this ability to open up new diagnostic opportunities that excites Jean Driessen, MD, PhD, Sports physician and asthma specialist at the Asthma Center of Excellence. Dr. Driessen has been involved in respiratory and asthma research in both athletes and infants. He stated, “Asthma monitoring in infants will be greatly improved when using diaphragmatic activity measurement in combination with a dry electrode solution”.

To help device manufacturers develop new wearable diagnostic and monitoring devices that comply with medical requirements, ItoM Medical has developed super small form factor electronics with ultra-low power consumption. They hold an extensive library of signal processing algorithms that can be implemented in medical devices. Along with hardware and software design and development services, ItoM Medical also has a proven, CE pre-certified, fully integrated embedded platform design for wearable ExG (ECG, EEG, EMG, etc.) diagnostic and monitoring systems, as well as arrhythmia detection and respiratory effort.

According to Paul van Kampen, founder of a new startup in asthma monitoring, “The unique breakthrough technology of ItoM Medical lies at the core of our product – a wireless asthma monitoring device that enables children with asthma to take control of their condition and increase their quality of life. By combining demonstrated trustworthiness with their systems expertise and commitment, ItoM Medical is the perfect partner for us”.

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PDF Press release ItoM launches new medical venture dedicated to the development of wearable biometric solutions

Overnight Asthma Sensor
Feb. 27, 2018

Smart Branding

With a contribution from the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) ItoM collaborate with Parthian Technology from Hengelo and RGN Brand Identity Services from Almelo in the Smart Branding project. In this project, the companies focus on the development of a composite (composed of various synthetic materials) that is luminous by means of electro-luminescence and can be used wirelessly. The developed composite is light of weight and can be constructed in any desired shape.

The first functional product to use this technique is a Smart Panel, an alternative to existing signages techniques. The innovation of a Smart Panel, compared to current techniques, is that the material can be made luminous, so no other external light sources are necessary. Combined with the use of a PV film, which allows solar energy to be used as an energy source, the element becomes autonomously luminous and does not have to be connected to the power grid.

In addition, the system is equipped with smart electronics, allowing the user to connect to the Smart Panel. Due to the web-based platform that is being developed, valuable and efficient communication with the Smart Panels is possible. As a result, it can be switched on and off remotely, or, for example, it can be set that the panel only illuminates at the presence of people or when it is dark.

Smart Branding
Jun. 1, 2017

ItoM opens new competence centre in Enschede

Aims to play a key role in Twente’s growing mixed-signal ecosystem

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, June 1, 2017 – Semiconductor Ideas to the Market (ItoM) B.V. today announced the opening of company’s second competence centre. This new site, located in Enschede close to the University of Twente, will be led by Managing Partner Edwin Veldman. The centre will strengthen ItoM’s RF transceiver and adaptive signal processing expertise and IP portfolio. It also builds on the growing ecosystem of independent IC design capabilities in the region.

“Enschede has rapidly become recognized around the world as a key location for analog, RF, and mixed-signal IC design and development in The Netherlands”, commented Edwin Veldman. “One of the reasons for this success has been the effort put in by Professor Bram Nauta as the head of the IC-Design group at the University of Twente. By opening our second competence centre in Enschede, we plan to build on that success. It allows us to intensify our close cooperation with Bram’s team and are delighted about the available advanced RF-lab facilities.”

According to Professor Bram Nauta, “For some time analog and RF electronics have been perceived as ‘old-fashioned’, partly because it requires a lot of experience to get it right. With ItoM joining the growing ecosystem in Enschede, it means there is now a solid platform my students can use to bridge the experience gap and a reason for senior engineers to remain in the area. Combine that with the entrepreneurial spirit and open innovation encouraged by the University of Twente, and people are seeing that analog is the ‘hot topic’. As I say to my students, digital is about features, but analog is about performance.”

The first steps for ItoM Enschede will be to grow the Analog and RF team, which will initially focus on internal IP development. The next step is to expand the team into a full multi-disciplinary competence centre offering system level support to significantly reduce time-to-market for new wireless connectivity designs. This will also allow ItoM to address business opportunities beyond RF front end and IoT RF transceiver markets.

PDF Press release ItoM opens new competence centre in Enschede

ItoM office Enschede
Apr. 25, 2017

Edwin Veldman joins the ItoM team

Proven industry leader to drive expansion with new centre in Enschede

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, April 25, 2017 – Semiconductor Ideas to the Market (ItoM) B.V. today announced that Edwin Veldman has joined the management team as Managing Partner. Edwin will lead the mixed-signal IC and system design company’s current expansion plans, by building and running a new competence centre in Enschede. This second centre will strengthen ItoM’s RF transceiver and adaptive signal processing expertise and IP portfolio, enhancing the company’s global service IP offering for wireless connectivity and broadcast tuners.

“When we heard that Edwin was looking for a new challenge, we immediately contacted him”, stated ItoM CEO and co-founder, Harm van Rumpt. “We already had plans in place to expand our IP portfolio and design service offering by opening a new office in Enschede. Edwin’s proven ability to grow a world class team is a real asset for ItoM and will help us achieve our goal of being the primary independent RF analog service IP company in Europe”.

Among the first priorities is to build the new team. Initially this will focus on bringing together the key analog and RF IC design experts that are at the core of ItoM’s offering, and a few have already been signed. As the team grows, the Enschede office will become a full multi-disciplinary competence centre offering system level support to significantly reduce time-to-market for new wireless connectivity designs. This will allow ItoM to continuing supporting both local and global customers while also addressing business opportunities beyond RF Front-End and IoT RF transceiver markets.

“To start building a brand new team for a service IP company definitely gives me the challenge I was looking for”, commented Edwin Veldman. “Having successfully grown a team in a short time frame, I understand many of the pitfalls a company can face when expanding. The talent pool in and around Enschede along with the mixed-signal competencies of the University Twente should certainly support this. Of course, as well as building the team we have to find the right location that gives us the opportunity to expand”.

PDF Press release Edwin Veldman joins management team ItoM

Edwin Veldman