Industrial Designs

ItoM has silicon proven system IP currently in production by various customers. For the delivery of industrial IC design, ItoM conducts verification with comprehensive simulation technologies and silicon validation ensuring high-quality IP.

ItoM has a track record of delivering high quality challenging automotive radio IC and RF transceiver designs, as well as various IP blocks, to its customers.

Many innovative IC circuitry and adaptive signal processing technologies of ItoM are IP protected by a patent portfolio of more than 25 patents.

>5 billion ICs sold with ItoM people technology

Service IP & Design House

Ensuring mutual interests, ItoM offers both a service IP as well as a design house business model. ItoM is focused on creating long-term, sustainable relationships with its customers. These two business models enable ItoM to strengthen and deepen customer relationships.


ItoM is member of:


ItoM is continuously working on internal IP developments to achieve breakthrough designs. Supporting the internal IP roadmap ItoM has build partnerships with specialists in certain fields of expertise.

ItoM has a partnership with BlueICe, semiconductor expert in wireless systems like Bluetooth & Wi-Fi as well as processor based designs. ItoM joined the international Design & IP Partner Program of Imec.IC-link offering its Service IP and design house services.

For working on electrophysiology challenges, ItoM has a sister company ItoM Medical based in Roden, The Netherlands. For audio amplifier innovations ItoM partners with Axign, based in Enschede, The Netherlands.

For various RF transceiver innovations in The Internet of Things, ItoM has a partnerships with, a service platform development company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Smart Jacket - technology available at ItoM Medical